Spicy Bison Chili


I don’t know about you but I’ve never enjoyed beans very much…doesn’t matter which ones …..chili beans, black beans, navy beans.  So when ever I would eat chili it was never enjoyable.  I spent half my meal just picking out the beans and by the time I got done half my soup was gone.  Not […]

Triple Berry Chia Seed Parfait


  Chia seeds….A.K.A.  SUPER SEEDS!  These little seeds are packed with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals.  They can be added to lots of different food for an added boost of nutrients. Not only do I love their nutritional value but also their “jelling” qualities.  I’ve read that they absorb 12 times their weight! You […]



Before my days of Paleo eating I was a major nutrition label reader.  I checked EVERY FOOD to see how much fat was in it.  I was under the impression that all fat was bad and that I had to limit my consumption. I always had a number in my head of how much fat […]

Sweet Cinnamon Granola


  I don’t know about you but the holidays stress me out…A LOT!  It never used to be that way until I got married.  More family to see in the same amount of time.  You get pulled in every which direction and just all doesn’t seem possible.  But at the end it all gets done […]